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About Us

4MirrorTech Innovatives Pvt. Ltd., Founded in May 2016 is IoT based Product Company working currently in field of smart healthcare and cleanliness. The company is founded by Ankur Jaiswal and Pushkar Bhagwat having considerable industry experience and prolong freelancing experience. Company is eager to contribute to “Make in India” and “Swatch Bharat”.


About SmartDBin

The first product of the company is SmartDBin. We collaborated with IIITM, Gwalior and started working with them on the product in November 2016, the product was developed by March 2017 and then it was on testing in IIITM itself for next 2 months and by May 2017 we had the final tested product. Now we are using the product in various sectors and already started to market it in the digital media.

Key Challenges

Our team has visited many public places from where we found the inspiration to come up with a product. There are some very common problems we found and we are aiming to resolve them

  • Lack of communication between a cleaner and dustbins.

  • Lack of cleanliness in public place dustbins.

  • No smart devices in Hospitals, Hotels, Government places.

  • Old conventional dustbins in corporate offices which results in lack of Quality and Services


Our Smart-DBin is for both public and private sector. It has a ablity to serve for business level and consumer level both. What we are offering is really simple. We are simply communicating the dustbins with the cleaning staff. If the dustbin level rises it sends notifications on the phone of peoples only who are responsible for cleaning it. Then after some time if the guy does not cleans the dustbin then the notification will be sent to the authorities who are managing the cleaning staff.

Secondly we are making a product which is smart and helpful to every home also. It is also a very low cost consumer product as an add-on to the old conventional dustbin at our home.

Why SmartDBin

It has Live Monitoring of all dustbins from mobiles and pc. It can give customizable Notification on multiple percentage of garbage. It also show last Cleaned time and last fully filled time notification, Dustbin Prediction is provided i.e. it is the average time require to fill that particular dustbin. It have controllable App notification i.e. you can control when to get notification. This device can also show the full dustbin percentage report on the basis of time and you can also download that report. We have Option to add or remove dustbins anytime. This device have secured login for janitorial staff and administrator/administrators. It has very easy and simple registration process. Most important thing is we don’t have to change dustbin it’s a plug in play device which has very low cost.


How It Works

It is a device which is developed to contribute to Swatch Bharat mission. SmartDBin is a product for dustbins in public places or in corporate places or anywhere there is a dustbin. It sense the dustbin garbage level and shows the garbage level of every dustbin in website using cloud servers and also sends data to mobile application. It can be installed on any existing dustbin or in any new dustbin in few minutes. SmartDBin also sends notification to the person responsible for cleaning the dustbins whenever dustbin level rises above a certain percentage.

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